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    New News!

    Heartbleed Bug

    Deserving Dog and it's 'back end' credit card

    processing company's systems have been tested

    and are not vulnerable to any problems

    associated with this bug. 


    7oz Wuhffles


    We have discontinued the 7oz size of our

    Wuhffle treats for dogs. the good news is 

    that all of our popular flavors: Blueberry,

    Carrot Cake, Maple Bacon, Peanut Butter and

    Pumpkin Pie are all still available in the

    11oz size.


    Deserving Dog - Retail


    Deserving Dog products are now

    available at a growing list of Denver-area

    retailers - check 'em out.


    Happy Customers!


    "I thought I was going to have to euthanize my dog

    because he had been throwing up 30 times a day.

    He quit eating all food. I had done everything

    I could for him medically.


    Finally, through the use of a new regimen of food

    and medication, which included Deserving Dog

    Chicken and Brown Rice formula, my dog has only

    thrown up once in 72 hours! Deserving Dog food is

    the only food he will eat now, and he LOVES it.

    Thank you so much Jeff for creating this food and

    helping to save my dog's life!"

         Karen S., Northglenn, CO


    “Hi there, Jeff!


     Well, Beau absolutely loves his new food. He has

    never jumped for his dinner before.  He truly loves it!

    He is happy and so am I. 


    We LOVE your product! Hoping many others have

    taken advantage of it.



          Claudia L., Lakewood, CO


    What do other customers say?

    Did You Know?

    Did you know that there are approximately

    73 million owned dogs in the United States?


    That's about 1 pet dog for every 4.5 people

    in the country!


    DYK Archive

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    Welcome to Deserving Dog!

    Deserving Dog Acquires PeopleFud


    Deserving Dog is pleased to announce that it is acquiring PeopleFud. Please watch this space for more information. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us here, or call 720.422.5178.


    Thank you for stopping by!  We're excited to introduce you to Deserving Dog.


    Here you can find out about our products and services all aimed to help healthier dogs and happier owners!.


    What We're All About

    What do we make at Deserving Dog? It's simple really, just real food and treats (WuhfflesTM)that dogs love and are good for them!


    We use fresh, wholesome, restaurant-quality ingredients. The only preservatives used iwith our food are freezers and refrigerators. It makes us very happy to say that the only difference between giving your dog our food and eating it yourself is a little salt and pepper!


    You may notice one difference in what we make and what you would eat. Food from Deserving Dog is ground a bit before it becomes a finished product.




    Dogs have shorter digestive tracts than humans and can’t break some foods down as effectively as we can. This limits the amount of nutrition they get from the food (bio-availability). That’s why you’ll notice that our carrots, for example, are shredded into small bits that your dog can break down and whose nutrients they can then absorb.


    What We're Not About

    What we don't make at Deserving Dog is 'dog food' - at least not in the traditional sense.


    Our food is not loaded with various "meals", fillers, pulps, flours, extenders, by-products and preservatives. (Speaking of preservatives, dId you know that most commercial 'dog food' is engineered to remain on the shelf for one year or more?)


    Get To Know Us

    So... c'mon in and look around.


    Suggestions, comments or questions? If you would like to reach us, just use the form or phone number on our Contact Us page - either way, we'd be happy to hear from you!